Freelance Writer


I wanted to get into writing for magazines any way that I could and the first opportunity that came up was as a photo researcher for a men’s lifestyle magazine. My boss jumped ship after a year and I became the Photo Editor. It was pretty much the ideal job for a young man in his twenties as the photos mostly consisted of scantily clad women and the life was a whirlwind of free drinks, meeting reprobates (some of them famous) and goofing around. Not much writing was done though.

When that got old, travel beckoned. After some time in South America and working for a few magazines in Australia, I came back to London and inadvertently ended up working at the Daily Mail, a newspaper with a controversial reputation that I’d never read. It was only when they made me redundant that I had the financial cushion to give writing a go.

It went well. Although the novel remains unpublished, I have plenty of bylines to my name now. I was always really interested in how other people got into writing. If you’re interested in how I did it, you can find out more at Can I Write For A Living.