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What's the Story?

Life got more interesting when I started writing. It's lead to fantastic stories of everything from knife wielding neighbours to what it feels like to be rich or famous. It has meant experiencing intense fear and incredible happiness.

My portfolio includes features for magazines, newspapers and myriad website content including blog posts, reviews, interviews and opinion pieces. If you need some copy of any description, have a look around this website to see if I'm the kind of writer you are looking for.

I’m at my best writing on culture, travel and as a critic. Recent work has also included writing about pop music for Mail Plus, the Daily Mail's tablet edition. Lastly, I really enjoy writing 'good news' stories such as this »

I write two blogs: Can I Write For a Living? and celebrity daisy chain Pass Me On.

Pass Me On

Pass Me On is a daisy chain of interviews that started because I wanted to get good at interviewing. Each interviewee passes me on to the next. I have minimal influence over where the chain goes; the only criteria is that they are someone the interviewee likes, respects and who they think would be interesting to talk to. What you are left with is a map of six degrees of separation with some insight into the connections between achievers of all descriptions. The first person to say yes was Danielle Lineker on a photo shoot. At the end of our conversation I asked if she knew of anyone else who would be willing to talk to me and Pass Me On was up and running. Visit Pass Me On to read the interviews and join the dots »

Pass me on

Can I Write for a Living?

When I first thought I would give writing a go in 2009, I had to keep a blog. Everyone was at it in those days and probably everyone was hoping that some commissioning editor would sit up, take notice and make them the next Belle de Jour. I'm not writing this from a chateau in the south of France - that didn't happen to me. If you're at all interested in how you might be able to make a living writing, it's probably worth a read. There are plenty of mistakes I wrote about that you can now avoid and the names of a few commissioning editors you can pitch to for work. Visit here »

Can I write for a living?